Complete care for your facial hair

  • 6-in-1 Beard Care Kit that provides quality care for your beard.
  • Induces cleansing of the skin, beard and moustache rounded off by a lingering scent.
  • Shampoo and conditioner create magic, making your beard look hale and hearty.
  • Cedarwood Beard oil ingeniously, naturally provokes hair health and lustre.
  • Beard butter is invasive of foul, stringy hair and thickens the volume of beard.
  • Beard serum stimulates the tips and titillates the roots for a more pervasive growth and subtle shine.
  • Specially formulated with the finest ingredients to keep your facial hair looking, smelling and feeling fantastic.


Included: Beard Growth Oil (10 ml), Beard Shampoo & Conditioner (Wood-scented - 20 ml), Beard Oil (Cedarwood - 10 ml), Beard Butter (Wood-scented - 15 g), Moustache Wax (Wood-scented - 15 g) and Beard Serum (10 ml).
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Kickstart your Beard Game

Natural ingredients that stimulate hair growth from the inside out. It’s easy to apply, and ensures healthy beard growth.

No bad stuff

We understand the importance of keeping harsh chemicals and preservatives away from your beard and skin. Our beard products are gentle formualtions and will not cause any adverse side-effects.




Our ingredients are handpicked and carefully formulated into a product that promises to deliver superlative results.


From texture, to aroma, ease of application, and overall feel - immerse yourself in a grooming experience like no other.


We strive to go above and beyond along every step of your journey with us to ensure complete satisfaction.



How long does it take to grow a good beard?
Usually, it takes 1-1.5 months for the beard to grow out completely. After that, it will take another 1-1.5 months for you to trim, nourish, style and shape it to get it looking its best. So overall, the process is 2-3 months long. Patience is key.
Why do some men have thick beards while some have patchy/thin beards?
Just like your skin colour and height, beard growth is also a genetically driven process. More specifically, it is the amount of DHT in your hormones that will lead to beard growth. However, there are ways to grow a great beard and overcome patches/thin hair. The most important factors, after your DNA, are patience and the right products. Don't believe for a moment that a great beard you've seen in a movie or on television was born overnight. It always takes time and a little effort, but at the end of the day it's worth it.
How do I grow a thick, consistent beard?
Once you've grown out your beard for a few months, here are some tips to guide you to a consistent, thick, healthy beard:
Figure out the right beard regimen for you: Use a growth oil with natural ingredients, moisturising shampoo and conditioner, softening beard butter, nourishment oils etc. Be regular and caring.

Eat right: Have foods rich in iron, biotin and zinc. Spinach, oysters, eggs, liver, cinnamon, sweet potatoes are some of the foods that will promote healthy beard hair.

Exercise: Resistance training is shown to increase DHT levels. So, hit those dumbbells and try to hit a body fat percentage between 10-15% for ideal DHT levels.

Sleep well: 8 hours of sleep every night helps regulate DHT levels and ensures you're healthy. A healthy body equals a healthy beard.
How do I get rid of beard dandruff?
There is a micro-organism called Malassezia Globosa which feeds on the natural oils created by your skin, called sebum. This process creates oleic acid, and if your skin is sensitive to the oleic acid, it could result in skin flakes due to over production of skin cells. It is an annoying issue, but pretty common and easy to solve. The simple solution is regular exfoliation. Use a good face scrub and beard wash, preferably during your shower, to gently remove the extra skin and open up the pores. Be careful to not rub too hard - let the products do the exfoliation, not your pressure.
Are these ingredients really that important?
Yes, extremely. India is a country with increasing pollution levels. Our lifestyles are often not healthy. Sometimes, we need external sources of nourishment for our bodies. The face is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and one we should take utmost care of. Personal care products with natural, high quality ingredients are a must for today's grooming needs. We're still learning how to grow, nourish and maintain healthy, great looking beards. Natural ingredients go a long way in ensuring your beard and face stay supple and nourished.
How long will it take to start observing changes?
All good things need time and patience. If you take good care of your beard, eat well, sleep well, exercise right - you will start seeing noticeable differences to the beard quality in a matter of 3-4 months
How frequently should I use the beard regimen?
Everyone has a different frequency which will work for their beard depending on a host of factors. We suggest starting off with alternate day application and then dialling up/down after 2 weeks based on your comfort. Of course, the wax is an occasional product and we do not recommend using as routine care.