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Beard Grooming Gift Kit

Celebrate your beard, with the power of superfoods

- Power your beard with superfoods this festive season, using the special Festive Beard Kit
- The Cedwarwood-infused Beard Oil nourishes your beard while promoting growth
- The Beard Softener is enriched with Olive Oil & Shea Butter to manage your beard better
- The Face & Beard Wash cleans up your beard while keeping it hydrated
- The pocket-sized Beard Comb sifts through your beard to keep it tangle-free

- The colour of the Beard Oil bottle may vary from the representative image. We have updated the packaging, so it might be black in colour for some orders. Please be assured that the product is the same.

Includes- Beard Oil (Cedarwood) - 30ml, Beard Softener (Wood) - 45gm, Face & Beard Wash (Wood) - 45ml and Beard Comb Pocket-Size

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