Beard Grooming Kit

Beard Grooming Powered by Superfoods

  • Face & Beard Cleanser with Wheat Protein & Vitamin E to seal in moisture for a stronger, smoother beard.
  • Cedarwood Beard Oil repairs hair follicles and strengthens hair strands from root to tip.
  • Enriched with Argan Oil to fight frizz & itchiness while Macadamia Oil adds strength & shine.
  • Beard Softener Balm with Keratin, Olive & Shea Butter to provide a mild hold & texture to the beard.
  • Pocket-friendly Sheesham Beard Comb helps maintain and shape the beard anywhere, anytime. 
  • The colour of the Beard Oil bottle may vary from the representative image. We have updated the packaging, so it might be black in colour for some orders. Please be assured that the product is the same.

Includes: Refreshing Face & Beard Wash, Beard Softener, Beard Comb Pocket size and Cedarwood Beard Oil

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Superfoods Powered Beard Care

The Beard Grooming Kit consists of natural products for a clean beard and uninterrupted growth. The Face & Beard Wash gently cleanses the skin & beard. The Cedarwood Beard Oil nourishes the beard hair follicles from deep within to strengthen & add shine. The Beard Softener Balm smoothens wayward whiskers & detangles beard. The Beard Comb helps shape & style your beard, anytime & anywhere.


Face & Beard Wash

Keep your beard hydrated & dirt-free all day with the soothing & nourishing Face & Beard Wash.

Cedarwood Beard Nourishing Oil

Cedarwood Beard Oil strengthens beard follicles from root to tip, adding life & shine to the beard.

Beard Softener & Comb

Beard Softener Balm with detangling properties to nourish your beard. Use Beard Comb to maximise nutrient absorption.

Clean & Hydrated Beard Powered By Superfoods

A perfect deep cleansing solution that leaves your face and beard dirt-free while hydrating & moisturising your skin. Wheat protein provides nourishment to the hair follicles and roots. Vitamin E helps seal in the moisture for stronger, shinier hair. Suitable for daily use.

Nourished & Styled Beard Powered By Superfoods

Light, leave-in Cedarwood Beard Oil repairs hair follicles and strengthens hair strands from root to tip. Argan Oil fights frizz, itchiness and dandruff while Macadamia Oil retains essential moisture for added shine. Maintain and shape your beard, anytime and anywhere with the pocket-friendly Beard Comb.

Soft & Smooth Beard Powered By Superfoods

Beard Softener Balm helps give shape, texture and softness to your beard and skin. It converts dry, unruly beards into soft, manageable ones. Olive Oil treats dull hair and provides protection from heat and damage. Liquid Shea Butter and Keratin detangle, moisturize and help settle wayward whiskers.

How to use


Gently cleanse your beard & skin with Face & Beard Wash


Apply Cedarwood Beard Oil & comb through to distribute evenly.


Apply Beard Softener Balm to soften & smoothen beard strands.


How long does it take to grow a beard?
Usually, it takes 1-1.5 months for the beard to grow out completely. After that, it will take another 1-1.5 months for you to trim, nourish, style and shape it to get it looking its best. So overall, the process is 2-3 months long. Patience is key.
Why do some men have thick beards while some have thin/patchy beards?
Just like your skin colour and height, beard growth is also a genetically driven process. More specifically, it is the amount of dihydrotestosterone or DHT in your hormones that will lead to beard growth. However, there are ways to grow a great beard and overcome patches/thin hair. The most important factors, after your DNA, are patience and the right products. Don't believe for a moment that a great beard you've seen in a movie or on television was born overnight. It always takes time and a little effort, but at the end of the day it's worth it.
How frequently should I use the beard regimen?
Everyone has a different frequency which will work for their beard depending on a host of factors. We suggest starting off with alternate day application and then dialling up/down after 2 weeks based on your comfort. Of course, the wax is an occasional product and we do not recommend using as routine care.
Are these ingredients that important?
Yes, extremely. India is a country with increasing pollution levels. Our lifestyles are often not healthy. Sometimes, we need external sources of nourishment for our bodies. The face is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and one we should take utmost care of. Personal care products with natural, high quality ingredients are a must for today's grooming needs. We're still learning how to grow, nourish and maintain healthy, great looking beards. Natural ingredients go a long way in ensuring your beard and face stay supple and nourished.
How can I get rid of beard dandruff?
There is a micro-organism called Malassezia Globosa which feeds on the natural oils created by your skin, called sebum. This process creates oleic acid, and if your skin is sensitive to the oleic acid, it could result in skin flakes due to over production of skin cells. It is an annoying issue, but pretty common and easy to solve. The simple solution is regular exfoliation. Use a good face scrub and beard wash, preferably during your shower, to gently remove the extra skin and open up the pores. Be careful to not rub too hard - let the products do the exfoliation, not your pressure.