Superfoods Powered Skin & Beard Care

  • Get the Beardinator Turbo kit that provides the best of skin & beard care for men
  • The kit includes the Beardinator, a 3 step regimen to boost beard growth
  • The Charcoal Face Wash deep cleanses your skin & opens up your pores
  • The Beard Activator's 540 titanium needles improve blood circulation of beard follicles for better growth
  • The Beard Growth Oil replenishes nutrients & nourishes the beard for a healthier, longer beard
  • The Charcoal Face Sheet Mask detoxifies, purifies, repairs and rejuvenates tanned and damaged skin
  • The superfoods infused mask is made with Activated Charcoal and Coffee for a refreshing experience

Includes- Beardinator with new shipper box and 2 Charcoal Face Sheet Masks

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Superfoods Powered Beard & Skincare Routine

The Beardinator Turbo consists of the Beardinator Kit, which cleanses, activates & nourishes the beard follicles for better growth. Use the Charcoal Face Wash to deep clean your skin & pores, followed by the Beard Activator that motivates beard growth with its 540 titanium needles and finish it off with the nourishment from the Onion-powered Beard Growth Oil. To enhance that experience, use the Charcoal Face Sheet Mask, made with superfoods like Activated Charcoal & Coffee for ultimate skin rejuvenation.


Activated Charcoal

The Charcoal Face Wash and Face Sheet Mask purifies and refreshes your skin using Activated Charcoal by eliminating dirt, dead skin and excess oil.

Onion Oil

The Beard Growth Oil infused with Onion uses the power of 10 essential oils maintain healthy beard growth.

Beard Activator

The Beard Activator acts as a stimulator to activate beard follicles and boost beard growth.

Gentle On Your Skin

We understand the importance of keeping harsh chemicals and preservatives away from your skin. The Beardinator Turbo consists of products that are SLS & Paraben free and have no harmful side effects.

Why Beardinator?

USE OF SUPERFOODS:The use of natural ingredients like Charcoal & Onion makes the kit effective and easier on the beard & skin

PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY:The Beard Activator is a proprietary technology, guaranteed to boost beard growth when used as part of the regime

3 STEP REGIMEThe Beardinator provides you with a well-constructed, simple regime to follow, so that you can get your dream beard without any difficulties

Why Charcoal Face Sheet Mask?

USE OF SUPERFOODS:The combination of Charcoal and Coffee makes detoxifying and detanning your skin much more effective

EASY TO USE:The Charcoal Face Sheet Mask and provides skin restoration in 15 minutes

NO ALCOHOLNo chemicals or preservatives are used in the making of the mask




Our ingredients are handpicked and carefully formulated into a product that promises to deliver superlative results.


From texture, to aroma, ease of application, and overall feel - immerse yourself in a grooming experience like no other.


We strive to go above and beyond along every step of your journey with us to ensure complete satisfaction.


Is there any specific time to follow the Beardinator regimen?
The regimen is to be followed daily before you go to sleep. The Beard Growth Tracker included with the kit, helps ensure that you keep track of and follow the regimen.
What does the Beard Activator do?
The Beard Activator activates the hair follicles by increasing blood circulation, leading to better beard growth.
Can I use the Beard Activator daily?
No. The Beard Activator is to be used only twice in a week. Any more than that can cause harm to the skin.
Do I need to wash off the Beard Growth Oil (Onion) before I sleep?
No. Leave the Beard Growth Oil (Onion) overnight and wash it off the following morning. This allows the oil to seep in to your skin.
Why should I wash my face before using the Beard Activator?
Washing your face before using the Beard Activator removes dust and errant food particles, which inhibit the effectiveness of the Beard Activator and may also lead to acne.
What does the Beardvana Playlist do?
The Beardvana Playlist has been thoughtfully curated to help relax and put you to sleep. Good sleep helps increase beard growth.
Do I have to sanitise the Beard Activator before or after use?
The Beard Activator is to be sanitised before use.
What is the difference between Beard Growth Oil (Onion) and other Beard Growth Oil Vetiver?
Our Beard Growth Oil (Onion) is an advanced formula which is based on aromatherapy and growth promotion (with 10 nourishing and essential oils for higher penetration) whereas, our Beard Growth Oil (Vetiver) is an age old formula of 6 natural oils for hair growth, i.e. Alma, Brahmi and Sesame. - For dry skin, one can use the Beard Growth Oil (Vetiver) over the Beard Growth Oil (Onion), as the former is more thick and hydrating. For advanced hair growth, one should choose Beard Growth Oil (Onion) over Beard Growth Oil (Vetiver).
Can I use the Beard Activator on oily skin?
Yes, you can use the Beard Activator on oily skin, though it is recommended not to use the Beard Activator on acne-prone skin.
How soon can I see results?
With regular use, you will be able to notice a change in the quality of your beard in 6 weeks.