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For a delightful one-stroke shave

  • The Bombay Shave Regimen is a thoughtfully designed 4-step process that takes care of the most important, yet overlooked, aspect of shaving: prepping your whiskers before you pick up the razor, and healing your skin after you put it down. 
  • With the most carefully sourced ingredients, our 6-Part Shaving System was curated to offer complete and immersive care for normal and sensitive skin.
  • Pamper and prep your face with these Shaving Essentials that allow the Precision Safety Razor to give you the finest shave of your life.
  • Designed for a comfortable, close and joyous shave like never before.
Includes: 1 Shaving Cream 100gm, 1 Pre-Shave Scrub 100gm, 1 Post Shave Balm 100gm, 1 Precision Safety Razor, 20 Feather Blades, 1 Imitation Badger Brush and 1 Hand Towel

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    The Complete Bombay Shaving Regimen

    For a true one-stroke shave that is better for your skin. The Precision Safety Razor razor was designed the way razors were supposed to be: sharp and heavy. It works in tandem with the scrub, cream & balm to deliver the finest shaving experience.

    Single-Blade versus Multi- Blade Razor

    As a blade passes over your skin, it causes irritation. One blade is less likely to irritate the skin than multiple blades. Multi-blade razors shave by employing a tug-and-pull mechanism in which the first blade latches on to and lifts the hair while the following blades cut it.This mechanism results in the hair being cut below skin level & adversely affects the skin. With the Precision Safety Razor, however, we guarantee the finest, irritation-free shaving experience.



    Soften skin and hair while eliminating debris and dead skin cells.


    Moisturise your skin while gently lifting your whiskers.


    Hydrate and soothe your skin from in and out after the shave.



    Our ingredients are handpicked and carefully formulated into a product that promises to deliver superlative results.


    From texture, to aroma, ease of application, and overall feel - immerse yourself in a grooming experience like no other.


    We strive to go above and beyond along every step of your journey with us to ensure complete satisfaction.



    How often do I change the blades?
    Ideally, every 3-4 shaves if you are a regular shaver. If not, you can define the frequency yourself.
    Is the razor safe to use?
    Yes. We understand your concern with trying out new products. We assure you our products are 100% safe and tested with state of the art technology. We have tested all our products throughout the journey since their inception. The platinum coated blades are engineered in Japan, and while they are exceptionally sharp, our razor ensures that they deliver fabulously close shaves with minimum nicks and cuts. It does require a bit of technique which can be learned over time.
    Do I really need to use the brush?
    Yes. To enjoy a great shave it’s important to prepare your skin well for it. We found, through our research, that using a brush and shaving cream performed better than using foam or gel. Our brush is soft and is intended is to make your facial hair ready for shave. Try it out, you'll notice the difference.
    I got a cut. What do I do?
    Oops. A cut or two are a part of the process to mastering the double edged shave. Be gentle, understand the contours and grain of your beard. Do not
    1.Shave against the grain
    2.Apply pressure
    3.Shave on same area more than once
    Why do I need to follow the regimen?
    A regimen involves a customized face prep and post shave ritual which is designed to take care of your skin. Once you discover the ideal regimen for you, you will observe far better results in terms of shaving experience and skin care.
    Click here to understand the regimen.
    Can I use the products when I have not shaved?
    Yes, you can. Especially the scrub and balm.
    Is the shave really better?
    Quality of shave is determined by 5 factors: closeness of the cut, consistency of beard, smoothness of razor, post shave comfort, and long term skin quality. However, a shave is a very personal activity and depends on a lot of external and internal parameters. You will need to evaluate across these 5 factors which regimen works for you.