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The perfect balance between coffee and cream. Enriched with superfoods. Removes dirt and impurities. Exfoliates skin. 2x creamier than your favourite foam. Prevents breakouts. Smells like a great morning.

Coffee: Natural exfoliating and de-tanning properties.

Macadamia Nut: Locks in moisture and de-clogs pores.

Olive Oil: Nourishes and moisturises your skin.

Devoid of any SLS and Parabens to make your grooming experience completely safe and effective.

Our specially crafted Ultra Crème FormulaTM protects your skin, reduces friction and eliminates post-shave irritation for the finest shaving experience.

Apply the foam evenly. Shave using light strokes. Rinse the foam thoroughly.

The best shaving experience you'll ever come across. Don't believe us? Scroll down and see it to believe it.

Why Bombay Shaving Company

Use our 2x creamier Shaving Foams for the safest and most natural way to experience a luxurious shave. Here’s why.

Bombay Shaving Company Others Depilatory
Enriched with superfoods Yes No Yes
Helps prevent razor bumps Yes No Yes
Helps reduce tug and pull Yes No Yes
No harmful chemicals Yes Yes No
End-to-end care Yes No No


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Country of Origin: India

Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
Sunil Gupta
Good but not best

Not bad...

Ron Chakrvarti

Very good and smooth

Ankit Patel

Soft foam

Jitendra Pradhan
Nice Product

I like Bombay Shaving Company Product

Arika Jain

Coffee Shaving Foam

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