Father’s Day Premium Gift Kit | 6-in-1 Shaving Kit For Dad

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How to Use

Step 1 | Prepare
Wash your face with lukewarm water. Use the Pre-Shave scrub to prepare your skin for the shave it is about to enjoy. This step will exfoliate your skin, removing any dead skin particles between your whiskers and the blade.
Take a button-sized dollop of scrub in your palms, and apply it all over the area you want to shave. Again, don’t forget your under-chin and neck areas. Gently rub it in for 1-2 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Step 2 | Lather
It is now time to use your shaving brush and shaving cream to hydrate your follicles and lift your hair to meet the blade.
• Soak your brush in warm water for a minute. Then squeeze out the excess water.
• Take 2 button-sized dollops of shaving cream into your palm or a mixing bowl.
• Use gentle, circular motions, to whip the cream into a rich lather.
• Apply it to your face using large, circular motions. Take a good 2-3 minutes to ensure every millimetre of your shave area is covered in a generous layer of cream.

Step 3 | Shave
The razor you now hold in your hand is a precision instrument, engineered to perfection. With the right technique, it can deliver the finest shave you have ever experienced.
• Lay the razor gently against your skin, at roughly a 30-degree angle. Adjust the angle to your face, so that the blade cuts in a single stroke. It should make a clean wipe of the cream as it goes.
• Shave along the grain, i.e. in the same direction your hair grows.
• Use gentle strokes. The razor should feel like it’s caressing your face, not scraping it.
• After every 3-4 strokes, switch to the other side of the razor. This will ensure your blade is evenly used on both ends.

Take short strokes with the Precision Safety Razor which comes with a weighted handle that helps with gravity-assisted glide action for a luxurious shave.

For a closer shave, reapply your shaving cream and go for a second pass. This time, shave across the grain (perpendicular to the direction your hair grows). If you require a more aggressive setting for
the razor, try the Aggressive Clamp.

Step 4 |Restore
Shaving, by its very nature, strips your skin of moisture. Use the no burn Post Shave Balm to rehydrate your skin, and restore the vital oils lost during the shaving process.
• Rinse your face with cold water and pat dry with a face towel.
• Take two button-sized dollops of the balm into your palm.
• Using your fingertips, dot it over the area you’ve just shaved, and gently rub it in until it is absorbed into your skin.
• If you have dry skin, we recommend that you use a nourishing, non-greasy moisturiser to further restore and repair your skin.

Alcohol-based splashes tend to dry out your skin, and leave you with a burning sensation. Our non-alcoholic Post Shave Balm will moisturise your skin and leave you feeling fresh and cool, minus the burn.


Pre-Shave Scrub:

Black Sand: Exfoliates and smoothens, leaving the skin dirt-free and smooth.
Papaya extracts: Nourishes and smoothens the skin.
Walnut shell: Helps gently exfoliate your skin clean.

Shaving Cream:

Tea Tree Oil - Helps prevent acne and skin inflammation.
Bees Wax - Smoothens the surface of the skin, creating the perfect glide.
Aloe Vera: Provides intense hydration

Post Shave Balm:

Vitamin E: Soothes and heals wounds
Aloe Vera: Intensely hydrates the skin
Witch Hazel Plant Extract: Protects the skin against damage and repairs skin after the shave.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Ashwani Sharma
Amazing product with classy packaging

Amazing product with classy packaging

Divyam P.
One of the best gifting combos on internet.

Purchased it for Father's day. And he absolutely loved it. Specially the personalised razor. Also the presentation and attention to details was amazing. Would recommend 10 on 10.

Rajat Saha

Smooth as butter, the three facial products worked wonders too.
I'm impressed with the products



Surya K
Superb kit with an excellent DE razor

I never used a DE razor myself, have been a Gillette Mach5/Fusion user since 5 years.
Gillette multiblade razors were giving me quick and easy shaves, no need to take care of the strokes, and can tilt around the jaws..
It worked well in the initial years where I was shaving once in a week or so.
Ever since I have started shaving daily, I got razor burns, and in grown hair, and subsequent heat boils all the time.
I changed to a sensitive shaving foam, then to gels, different aftershave products.. but the problem is there all the time.
After some research, I decided to try a double edged safety razor, and Bombay shaving company's Kit seemed a good product to start with.
Initial 1-2 shaves were difficult, I had to use aggressive clamp to get a close shave and there were a few nicks, by 4th shave, I got used to this and Now shaving has kind of become a self care ritual every morning, also kind of gives me a ASMR feeling.
Special mention to the Aftershave gel- so soothing, I simply loved it.

Thank you BSC for introducing me to the world of DE razors.

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