Double edge razor

  • Engineered to perfection with a smooth chrome finish, the Precision Safety Razor is designed the way razors were supposed to be: sharp and heavy.
  • Includes Japanese-engineered Feather Stainless Blades that cut the hair cleanly in one stroke to deliver the closest possible shave.
  • Generous weight for a gravity-assisted glide and the impeccable design makes it effortless to use.
  • An aggressive clamp setting for improved cutting efficiency.
  • A razor sheath for added protection.

Included:1 Precision Safety Razor, 5 Feather blades, 2 Clamps for mild and aggressive setting and 1 Razor Sheath.


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Why is Single Blade better than Multi-blade Razor?

As a blade passes over your skin, it causes irritation. One blade is less likely to irritate the skin than multiple blades. Multi-blade razors shave by employing a tug-and-pull mechanism in which the first blade latches on to and lifts the hair while the following blades cut it. This mechanism results in the hair being cut below skin level & adversely affects the skin. With the Precision Safety Razor, however, we guarantee the finest, irritation-free shaving experience.

Double Edged Mastery

The razor is a precision instrument thoughtfully engineered to deliver the finest shave of your life.


Step 1

Unscrew the razor’s handle to insert a blade. Ensure you are holding the razor at a 30 degree angle to your face.

Step 2

Take short, downward strokes in the direction that your beard grows, i.e, with the grain. Make gravity work for you.

Step 3

Use the provided aggressive clamp for a closer shave, or go for a second pass.



Sturdy grip and perfect heft for a gravity-assisted glide.


Better for the skin; eliminating nicks, cuts, razor bumps and irritation.


Economical in the long-run. A single blade delivers 3–5 shaves.




What is a Double Edge Razor?
A Double Edge Razor is a shaving tool designed to use a single blade inside a protective housing that allows for a close shave with fewer nicks and cuts.
How often do I change the blades?
Ideally, every 3-4 shaves if you are a regular shaver. If not, you can define the frequency yourself.
Is the razor safe to use?
Yes. We understand your concern with trying out new products. We assure you our products are 100% safe and tested with state of the art technology. We have tested all our products throughout the journey since their inception. The platinum coated blades are engineered in Japan, and while they are exceptionally sharp, our razor ensures that they deliver fabulously close shaves with minimum nicks and cuts. It does require a bit of technique which can be learned over time.
Are the blades recyclable?
Yes, the blades are recyclable. The back face of the blade pack provides you with a place to safely dispose of your used blades. If possible, please put used blades in the recyclable section of your disposed trash. To know more about recycling, please check this link
Can I see a video that explains how to use the razor?
Click here to visit our YouTube Channel for an instructional video on how to shave with a safety razor.
How do I remove the Blade Cartridge from the handle?
Hold the razor face down and unscrew the clamps. Gently remove the razor using your index finger and thumb. Discard or store in packaging paper for next use.
I got a cut. What do I do?
Oops. A cut or two are a part of the process to mastering the double edged shave. Be gentle, understand the contours and grain of your beard. Do not
  1. shave against the grain
  2. apply pressure
  3. shave on same area more than once