Defender For Her Travel Grooming Kit

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    Groom on-the-go with a travel grooming kit that is as versatile as your plans.

    Includes: Defender For Her Women's Razor, Ultra Sensitive Shaving Foam, Fitkari After Shave Gel (100g) and Free Travel Pouch

    Get the flexible & the smoothest shave on the go, only with the best travel grooming combo.


    What is Peach fuzz?
    Peach fuzz is that super fine, lightly colored hair that's on your face.
    Will facial hair growth be faster/thicker if I use Face Razor?
    Your skin will have microscopic flaking or peeling when you use a face razor. It's normal for the skin to feel tight & dry post that. Hence, you need a moisturiser to hydrate your skin.
    What's the need for moisturiser after using it?
    'Anti-clog design is the optimal blade gaps in the razor that allow you to take longer strokes without having to rinse the razor each time.
    How often should I use it?
    It's recommended to use it once in 2-3 weeks. It also depends on the growth of your facial hair & your need to remove that.
    Can I change the razor blade?
    No, you can't change the razor blade.
    How many times can I use the razor before disposing it?
    The razor can be used atleast 5-6 times. One generally stops using/disposes of the razor when it feels blunt. There is no specific number of uses.
    Will using this razor damage my skin?
    The Face Razor uses precision stainless steel blades that don't harm your skin. However, we recommend you to glide it gently on your face to avoid any minor nicks.
    Is it painful?
    Using a Face Razor is not abrasive or painful. Infact, it's much less painful than threading or waxing. We don't recommend using it if you have acne, breakouts or inflamed skin.
    What is FlexBlade TechnologyTM?
    FlexBlade TechnologyTM is a specially designed system where each of the 3 blades are independently suspended and the cartridge pivots two ways, allowing for maximum control over your shaves.
    How long do the blades last?
    The exact life depends on the usage and the growth type, but the blade averages 7-12 shaves per cartridge. To increase the longevity of blades, store in a dry place.
    What is anti-clog design?
    Anti-clog design is the optimal blade gaps in the razor that allow you to take longer strokes without having to rinse the razor each time.
    Can Defender For Her be used on sensitive skin?
    Yes, Defender For Her is exclusively designed to provide irritation-free shaves. The razor is suitable for all skin types.
    Where on my body can I use Defender For Her razor?
    Defender For Her is designed to give you a comfortable, smooth shave anywhere on your body.
    How are your cartridges different from other brands in the market?
    The independent suspension is an efficient feature that ensures an extremely smooth movement of the blade even on the trickiest body parts without worry, to give you an irritation-free shave.
    Will this cause irritation after the shave?
    No, Defender For Her cuts the hair finely to reduce uneven or ingrown hair growth and hence eliminating post-shave irritation. Apply the soothing Post-Shave Balm for a cooling effect.
    Is the blade too sharp? Will it cause cuts on sensitive areas?
    The Defender For Her razor is designed with sensitive coating to glide smoothly over the curves & contours of your body and prevent cuts & nicks especially around sensitive areas.
    Will shaving make my skin rough or dark?
    No. The colour of your skin depends on your genes and not on the method of hair removal. Defender For Her removes hair finely in a single stroke, causing no side-effects like darkening of the skin.

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    Defender For Her Travel Grooming Kit

    ₹1,130 ₹994