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Take care of his grooming needs even while he is on the go, with Bombay Shaving Company’s Shave and Travel Kit. Comprising Charcoal Bath Soap, Charcoal Face Wash, Charcoal Shaving Foam, Post Shave Balm, the Boss Razor, and a Travel Bag, this grooming kit offers all the essentials needed to maintain a neat and sharp look anytime anywhere.

Charcoal Bath Soap: Induced by the deep-cleansing power of activated charcoal, Charcoal Bath Soap eliminates everyday dirt and impurities from the skin. The moisturizing action of cocoa butter helps in keeping the skin smooth and hydrated.

Charcoal Face Wash: Helps get rid of excess oil, dirt and pollution with the deep cleansing action of activated bamboo charcoal. The superfood-rich and SLS-free formula of the facewash keeps the skin clean and healthy at the same time.

Charcoal Shaving Foam:  A 2x creamier charcoal shaving foam that offers rich lather for a soothing and smoother shave. Formulated with activated bamboo charcoal, it also deeply cleanses the skin, while prepping it for a seamless shaving routine. 

Post-Shave Balm: This perfect blend of Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Papaya and Vitamin E helps eliminate post-shave irritation and redness. The alcohol-free and anti-irritant balm relieves the skin from the horrors of stinging & burning, helps calm down post-shave inflammation, and gives it a pleasant soothing sensation.

Boss Razor: Powered by Swedish Triple Blade system, this Boss razor allows shaving with perfection without leaving any cuts or nicks behind. It provides added safety with a lubricating strip, packed with Vitamin-E and Aloe Vera . The ergonomic design of the razor accompanied by a movable head makes the razor easy to glide and helps it shave even the hard-to-reach areas.

Travel Bag: This sturdy and compact travel bag is spacious enough to accommodate all grooming essentials conveniently. Its waterproof material keeps the products safe and the internal lining of the pouch ensures that the contents of the products do not spill through. 

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Country of Origin: India

Additional Information

A perfect kit to make you play and win every inning of your life

-Charcoal Face Wash: Effectively removes dirt and grime while maintaining the natural oil balance of the skin

-Charcoal Shaving Foam: with 2X creamier formula for smoother shaves. Enriched with activated charcoal and Moroccan argan oil to gently soothe and prepare your skin for a close and comfortable shaving experience

-Charcoal Bath Soap: deep cleanses and gently exfoliates your skin. Made with the finest ingredients, IT helps soothe, repair and soften your skin by providing it with the nutrition it needs.

-Boss Razor: Gives you a perfect-smooth shave in a jiffy!

-Post Shave Balm: Helps protect your skin from nicks and cuts using a signature blend of superfood ingredients, such as Witch-hazel, Aloe vera and Vitamin E. Give your skin a post-shave pampering with this alcohol-free, anti-irritant balm, ‘cause Ab Jalna Mana Hai.

- All the above grooming essentials come in an exclusive travel bag, keychain and magnetic bottle opener signed by three star players from Mumbai Indians.


Exude a magnetic charm wherever you go! This grooming kit is crafted for the Man of the Match who always makes his presence felt in whatever game he plays. The elements in this kit deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin to prepare for a smooth glide and the alcohol-free post shave balm gives a soothing after effect that makes him ready to take on the first innings!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ankita mandal
Amazing product

Quality is superb. All the product are packed so well.

Overall Good

Good one, but quantity can be increased. In picture, everything looks bigger but it's smaller in real. Overall good.

Great kit

Awesome kit , with all the shaving need products.

Ankur Menon
Limited edition kit

This Limited Edition kit is just so amazing! Now I am going to flaunt this travel bag that has signatures of my favourite players on it. The grooming products make my morning regime enjoyable. Good job creating this kit Bombay Shaving Company!

Prateik Tandon
Perfection in one kit

The kit is a perfect kit to carry with you when you are travelling. It has all the elements you need to start your day with.

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