The single blade beauty captured the imagination of men across India, and bought with it a dimension of delight unknown to the otherwise mundane chore of shaving. Ever since, Bombay Shaving Company has enriched the landscape of Grooming and Hair removal products in India - with the spirit of putting what the consumer and needs and wants first; and an unwavering commitment to making products that delight, deliver, and inspire everyday confidence.


2 Crore Bathrooms, 5 Products in each bathroom, Creating 10 minutes of happiness


Micro innovations in form, feel, formulation and functions lie at the heart of everything we do.

Expertise in hair removal and management

From products with powdered superfoods to ergonomically designed trimmers, BSC is  breaking new ground in hair removal solutions for the Indian consumer, everyday. 

Brand that loves back!

 Creating over 2000 pieces of informative and evocative content every month from our fully equipped in-house studio, to help people make better grooming choices, everyday. One of India's top 10 Most Loved Brands, 2022 (independent study by Hootsuitr and Talkwalker) 

FMCG 2.0

Bombay Shaving Company is accessible anywhere, from everywhere. We currently serve over 6.5million customers across India, USA, Europe, Middle East & Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Across all major online platforms and over 30,000 Stores.

We are humbly limitless, play to win, honest and open.

Here's what's happening at the office

New Joinees

Making us wiser. Better. Stronger.

The Game Changer Initiative

From Metaverse to Local Pride, BSCians are going above and beyond to create impact beyond work.

Creating Wealth

Wealth creation for employees is 'the most important' employee value proposition for us.

Our Investors, Partners, and the ones who share our core values