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Precision Safety Razor - Silver

If you are one of those who likes to have a smooth and close shave, then this is it. It's affordable and the best so far. I've been using this for quite a long time and am very satisfied with the performance of Bombay Shaving Company’s Precision Safety Razor. One thing to remember is to use quality blades. If you want to get the best out of this Precision Safety Razor, then always use quality blades. Aggressive clamp is an added advantage. If you are having a tough time getting a clean shave or you require a lot of strokes back & forth to get that clean shave then just use this Aggressive Clamp. This will get the job done.


Post-Shave Balm

I have really sensitive skin and being a professional I have to shave daily which leads to sore skin, especially during summer when you tend to sweat a lot. But no more sore, painful chin as this after shave balm gives the ultimate soothing effect and its long lasting rehydration makes your day. Just take a dollop of balm and massage only the shaved area for a few seconds till it dries.

Arihant Pandey

Beard Growth Starter Kit

The six pieces set is a good variety as far as the value of this product is concerned. I  use beard butter regularly and it's very useful and makes my beard very soft. Moreover, the different types of oils in the kit have a very good smell which makes my face even more attractive. For me, quantity is not the concern if the quality is good and this is really nice and with this amazing packaging I'll gift it to my brother as well.


Onion Oil for Beard Growth

This is a brilliant product. This product is rich with the goodness of onion which is proven to be beneficial for the hair follicles. This is perfectly suitable for people having patchy beards. After a few weeks of usage the change is visible. The product has a good fragrance. It also moisturises the beard and makes it soft. The product is also beneficial for people having beard ruffs and makes the beard strong. I recommend this product to all my friends who want a thicker and a strong beard with zero patches.

Sunayan Pal

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