Orders once placed can be cancelled on the same day by reaching out to our customer care. If you cancel it in time, will refund the full amount back into your account. If your order does not require custom engraving, then orders can be cancelled until they are packed which is typically by 2 pm on the next business day.


Starting Dec 1, 2016, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on the purchase of the 6-Part Shaving System. All buyers/gift buyers of the 6-Part Shaving System can return the products to us after 30 days of usage, if you/the person you gifted to are not happy with the results. We will refund the full amount minus shipping (INR 300) and admin charges (an additional INR 300). This money back guarantee is not offered on any other product or products purchased individually.

On individual purchases we only provide refunds/replacements for damages and other genuine cases provided you reach out to our customer care team within 3 days of delivery of said product. Once the products are used, we cannot offer a refund as the products cannot be resold to customers.

While we take a lot of effort to ensure that every customer’s expectation is fulfilled, we understand that sometimes, we make mistakes and cannot match up to your expectations. So if there are still any concerns, do reach out to us and we will see what can be done. Please contact our customer care (Ph: 7303488233 / Email: regarding cancellation or refunds.