Hydrating Fitkari After Shave Gel

Pure bliss, after shave

  • Soothes & relaxes your skin after shave.
  • Heals your skin in case of minor nicks & cuts.
  • Keeps your skin hydrated after shave & prevents dryness.
  • Calms irritation & redness.
  • Prevents infection.
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Acts as a natural moisturiser by soothing & repairs the skin.


Anti-bacterial & antiseptic properties heals the skin in case of any nicks or cuts.


Being anti-inflammatory, ensures that the skin doesn't dry out and keeps your skin clean & bacteria free.

Gentle on the Skin

  • We understand the importance of keeping harsh chemicals and preservatives away from your skin. Our Hydrating Fitkari After Shave Gel is Silicone-Free and causes no harmful side effects.

Heals & Hydrates Your Skin After Shave

    Post-Shave Hydration Powered by Superfoods

      HOW TO USE

      Shave using foam or cream.

      Rinse the face with cold water.

      Apply the gel for a cooling effect.



      Does the Fitkari After Shave Gel cause dryness after use?
      No, the post-shave gel contains fitkari (alum) that provides a cooling/soothing effect without robbing your skin of it's natural moisture.
      How is it different from an After-Shave Lotion?
      It doesn't cause any burning or tingling sensation and has a calm & soothing effect on the skin.
      How is it different from a Post-Shave Balm?
      It contains fitkari (alum) and has gel-like consistency whereas a post-shave balm has a creamy texture.
      Is it better than using Fitkari (alum) directly?
      Yes, because it prevents the burning sensation caused by directly applying Fitkari(alum). The presence of menthol in the Gel brings a cooling & refreshing feeling and prevents the skin from post-shave dryness while Aloe vera and Witch hazel helps in moisturising the skin.
      Is this Silicone free?
      Yes, the Fitkari After Shave Gel is Silicone-Free.
      Why should one use this gel after shaving?
      To close the pores that open-up post-shave and eliminate post-shave redness & irritation.
      Can this be used if you're shaving with a Foam, Cream or Gel?
      Yes, the Fitkari After Shave Gel can be used post shaving with either Shaving Foam, Shaving Cream or Shaving Gel.